Need help with litecoin stuck had them since 2013 will give reward

Hi guys i have some ltc back from when i was mining they show up on the wallet but says there is no balance i have had tried almost everything with no luck at all if some one cloud help me out ill gladly give you a 2 ltc reward . the coins show with the error Status: 0/unconfirmed, not in memory pool, abandoned
Date: 9/22/2013 17:05
From: unknown
Credit: 3.81057200 LTC
Net amount: +3.81057200 LTC
Transaction ID:
Transaction total size: 841 bytes
Output index: 1

there are like 5 transactions that are stuck like that so if anyone can hit me up

they can’t be still in the memory pool after this many years
do you have a transaction id?

yea sure i have them but like you said there are not in the pool the is what the message said


pm your way.

hi guys still offering reward for how ever can help me out with this

still having this problem, msg me.

make sure your node is broadcasting transactions by starting it from command line with the -walletbroadcast flag

hopefully you know how to run a program from command line like this…if not I can walk you through it…PM me and I will get your messages in my email

DId you get your coins after all?