Need Help on this chip schematic and datasheet

BM1485 is pretty nice for L3 but since I check on web there are LT5 and L7, from my side.

  1. Could someone please help me about schematic of BM1485 may be smaller on then I will do it more.
  2. Normally this units integrated with BB Black and Now I had 1 unit of BB Black with completely of someone unix firmware, so could I made by myself.
  3. BM1485 any chip better than this I will try to do by myself thanks you. May be My style sorry for that but my life is circuit.
  4. Please help to suggestion for NEWBIE on this area for more, I will do my best as I could.
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    Thanks if you read (Was kicked from Telegram about 50-75% nude sry for trolling)
    Thanks again