Need a little clarification on the full litecoin client on ubuntu

Need a little clarification on the full litecoin client on Ubuntu.
If I run the litecoin full client on Ubuntu, is that the same thing as mining?
Or even with the full client, I would still need to setup an account with say minergate and install the cpuminer software and run the appropriate batchfile to mine? I have very small experience with setting up a miner - played with zcash on one of my computers. Just having some fun right now. When I downloaded the litecoin full client onto Ubuntu, although it hasn’t fully updated it’s wallet yet - I got to thinking. Or am I getting confused. Is running litecoin full client considered mining or I definitely have to run something else in addition to that to mine.

no running a full client is just relaying transactions when you have it open…you must connect a miner to your wallet or to a pool to mine coins…then they get sent to your wallet/client/full node

@legend018 I was just working on this. @bakd247 is right.

You have to run something else to mine. Realistically, you want a machine that can achieve something greater than 100MHs (mega hashes per second) like an A4 Domintor if you want to get a tangible amount of coin.

Here’s a link to some instruction on setting up to mine using the wallet that I found a while ago, you might find it useful: Set up Litecoin wallet (in Windows) for solo mining