My Telegram Account Got Blocked!

I need reasons why my Telegram Account became inaccessible to the Litecoin telegram group chat. I think this is unfair because I am a silent member of the team and I have my investment in it. This also happened to my friend. My Telegram account is @multinationals. Pls I need to be back on the telegram chat.

Thank you

Well, as a first time poster here you are at a disadvantage in that a lot are spammers. If you ONLY talked

about your investment team in telegram and/or here you likely would/will get tag’d a spammer as well.

if we did not ‘control’ everyone saying ‘invest in me now’ we’d not have anyone on here but spammers

I’d assume same logic works for telegram ban


Try to resolve it @Resolution in Telegram. :wink:

I also never talk just in telegram about 5 minutes group and block

Can help me join ltc telegram group?