My previous equipment was malfunctioning

I have a set of 6 S19j Pro mining machines that I’ve been using for the past 6 months. Throughout this period, they’ve been operating smoothly within a noise isolation box, and the temperatures have always been maintained below 71 degrees Celsius. However, recently, I encountered an unexpected issue with one of the mining boards. It started disconnecting intermittently, leading to a noticeable decline in mining output. Initially, I suspected it might be due to a hardware malfunction or a software glitch, but despite multiple restarts, the problem persisted.

Interestingly, these machines were obtained from various sources. While 2 of them were brand new and purchased directly from ASICMinerValue, the other 4 were second-hand devices acquired from ASICFinder. What’s puzzling is that most of the issues seem to be affecting the brand new devices.

In an attempt to resolve the problem, I closely observed the mining setup and noticed a possible correlation with network fluctuations. In response, I decided to experiment with custom firmware, hoping it would enhance the devices’ performance and stability. However, it’s important to note that using specific firmware versions could potentially increase mining efficiency but may also introduce instability in certain machines. This has raised some concerns: Is it worth taking the risk, especially considering the current mining conditions and electricity costs?

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Firmware updates tends to create problems along with resolving most of them depending on relative conditions.
Have you updated the firmware afterwards on both of the Asic miners? Were both of them causing same issue?