My new artwork...satoshi Nakamoto

LitecoinFam, Hru?

I would like to show the community my newest artwork. Hope ull like it.

Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto 1
Satoshi Nakamoto reflecting on his accomplishment
Satoshi Nakamoto thinking

Im working on Charlie Lee artwork as well


That doesn’t look like Dr.Craig Wright :joy: lol, but seriously tho, pretty cool artwork of Dorian, im interested to see what you come up with for Charlie. It would be neat to have a Mweb inspired piece with Charlie and David as identifiable figures on one side and faceless devs pegged into the EB on the other side if you will.

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Charlie Lee…here you go

Charlie creator of Litecoin


Pretty neat! Do you sell prints?

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It’s very nice. Do you do this as a hobby or do you also make some bucks through it?

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ape with a hat
Thank you
My ape Samurai
Been working in a collection since september. Just unveilling some artwork on this forum and twitter (find me Imajinn-mind). Waiting for liteverse NFT marketplace to go online and sell
Right now I will do prints


Have you saw went online?

I know. Ive minted 2 NFT but now im trying a 3rd one but it keeps on failing

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That’s a nice piece of artwork! You seem to have taken some art classes. Keep it up.

Thank a lot
Im a graphic designer for over 20 years and very marketing oriented but 2 years ago or so i started abstract

Thank so much.
You can view more of my artwork here on my twitter profile (at)Imajinn_mind

Looks Really Cool.

Thank you so much
I have actually made my first sale today …the Charlie Lee portrait


That’s so cool, kudos! I usually monitor NFT Drops but every now and then you find gems like these. All the best of luck!

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I feel the current NFT market as it grows the future has a good offering for people especially collectables as a business would definitely grow.

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You are doing a great job! Keep sharing your art pieces with us here. We would love to know what you have been up to.

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Thank you so much.
Here are my latest artworks

OG Chikun #1
OG Chikun #1

SpaceX Chikun

SpaceX Chikun

And my Chikun Samurai collection

samurai chicken warrior 2
samurai chicken warrior 3