My LTC Unconfirmed Transaction


I Have deposited Some Ltc in BTC-e But my transaction is unconfirmed niether its reached on the address where i sended

I Updated the new version of Litecoin QT wallet

i Can see the Abonded Transaction option when i click right on that transaction but its not availble i cant click on that please tell me what to do how i can get back my litecoins

Status: 0/unconfirmed, in memory pool
Date: 14/04/2017 16:18


btc-e minimum deposit is .1 ltc…one time I sent .01 LTC to my wallet on and it took 8 months to arrive in my wallet…also I had the coin control option selected to not pay a mining fee when possible so it took forever to be picked up in a block…if you want to cancel a transaction that has zero confirmations use the -zapwallet flag and it will cancel any unconfirmed spent outputs and put them back as non-spent outputs…


abandon transaction should do the same thing as zapwallet if I’m not mistaken…dont quote me on this though,…I have never seen a “abandon transaction” option in a core wallet…then again I havnt really looked for that either…


Hey, right click transaction and cancel in wallet :slight_smile:


hi i have the same problem but cant see how cancel the transaction its no where to be found on my wallet can you guys please help


type your address’ in here and you can track your transactions this way…

you can also start litecoin-qt in command prompt by cd to its location the type litecoin-qt -rescan and it will scan the blockchain for any unspent outputs belonging to your address…