My litecoin stuck by 0/unconfirmed, in memory pool error

Hi everyone
I use litecoin core v0.14.2.
I just wanted to send some litecoin to someone but the program wan’t synced fully but because I was hurry, I sent the litecoin but it did not send and the detais of transaction is:

Status: 0/unconfirmed, in memory pool
Date: 12/20/2017 00:33
To: LL2tdZABLY5W3boAjhFhc2v1LtBjDWLYfg
Debit: -1.60000000 LTC
Transaction fee: -0.00055628 LTC
Net amount: -1.60055628 LTC
Transaction ID: e2bd0dcc4fcb4c7524ecec1ec9399edcd3b62a1123a8c9489b5d92c30cbd40c8
Transaction total size: 520 bytes
Output index: 0

And now the amount of litecoin is not in my account, how can I get them back?
Also the abandon transaction is disabled. How can I enable it? I’m on windows 8.1

Please help.

Right click the transaction… select abandon transaction. DONE.

Dear pguerrerox
abandon transaction is disabled for me.
How can I make it enabled?
Please Help!

Thank you

hmm, odd, can you post an image.

Thank you for your replying.
The image attached.

Do you have an solution?

I have the same. 2 Unconfirmed transactions and unable to abandon since it’s greyed out.

I searched a lot, and I’ve tested the most solutions that there are on the internet but none of them worked.
Please share with me any solution you find.

help I have the same problem how can I do?

the server are ok

Same problem here. Transaction stuck for 4 hours already.

But I actually had 5 litecoins and sent them with synchronized Litecoin Core.

Can anyone help track it?

ID of trans: de16d40634facf8921c5973be83de1bce426fc4e59ccadd1803d7af8326d5ec7

P.S. Abandon is grey! Some problems on the network?

at this point I think the litecoin network has problems. What happened to the litecoin?

Hey friend, I had 4 confirmations just now, after 5 hours wait.

How are you doing?

I think there is a big movement of litecoins in the network. Maybe ppl want to sell some because of recent Charlie Lee actions? :slight_smile:

I do not know but I’m sorry, I thought the litecoin network was immune from bitcoin network problems. We hope the charlie lee funds are used to improve the network i after 2 hours 0 conf :frowning:

Just wait, everything will be alright after few hours, as in my case. Best of luck!

I don’t want to send the litecoin to that account…
Now, I must abandon it.
Please somebody tell us how to cancel these transactions.
Also my transaction is for about 25 hours ago.