My litecoin core wallet? Help!

I recently bought litecoin at, and I downloaded the litecoin core 0.13.2 for window 32 bit. I was able to get the wallet up, and so I withdrew all my purchased litecoin to my new litecoin wallet. Cex say it has been confrimed that it was sent, but I see no litecoin in available or pending?? I clicked on the exclamation mark and it reads that , that process to synchronize with my wallet is not done yet, and say 4 years and weeks behind in schncrohronizing. All I know is My wallet has no litecoin? Am I doin something wrong??

No worries. You’re using the core wallet and not a litewallet. That means it has to download the entire blockchain and that takes time. It just hasn’t reached the block on the chain that contains your litecoins. When it does they will be there.

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Ohhhhhhh I really appreciate the info.
should I change my wallet to a faster transactional wallet or should I just keep this wallet? Oh also I need a litecoin exchange that is simple to buy litecoin without all the trades and simple to transfer to my bank account or to my paypal debit account? thanks Al

as long as you have your private key for the transaction to the address you gave the exchange you will get that coin every time once the block-chain syncs…believe me…there is no way to not get your coin as long as you have your proper backup .dat file in the appdata folder…
you will get your coin once the block wallet syncs…and it takes a while…bitcoin takes days and even weeks over a slow connection…that’s why I like litecoin so much…faster transactions than bitcoin and the block-chain doesn’t take days to download like bitcoin does

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If you dont mind , that means if I want to send litecoin to an exchange to sell, it will also take some time, maybe 24 hours? If someone want to send me litecoin and I use my core wallet it’s gonna take that long to receive it from peer tp peer transaction? Thanks

shyliar–bakd247 yup yup the litecoin showed up in my core wallet!! :kissing_heart:

no…you only need 6 confirmations on the block chain to get access to your coins on most exchanges and vendor’s…they do this to help prevent double spending…more confirmations on the chain means the more likely that coin belongs to that address…once your chain is synced you can sync it when ever you want to sned or receive just open it and it will pick up where it was when you closed it.
someone can send you coins today and you open your wallet next year and it will sync to your wallet as long as the private key for that transaction is in the backup .dat file only way to get it there I have found so far is to back up my wallet after every transaction…also make sure to only backup after all pending transactions are loaded as this is the (change address function) a whole other beast in itself…
qt usually uses generated wallet address as change address so there’s not much to worry about here unless you change the options to it…
…only reason you should have to re-dowload the chain is if your drive crashes or you delete it…in which case you’d just copy your backup into you appdata folder located under your c drive/(current User)/Appdata/litecoin and rename it wallet once you replace the wallet.dat file that was just downloaded with the software…
…keep you backups on a separate unplugged usb drive!!!

even when you update it uses the same block chain ( data files)

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cna any one please tell me what should i put in the ~/.litecoin/litecoin.conf to send and receive test litecoin

nothing…you just start qt with the --testnet flag

Please i want a wallet for my Android. Somebody can give me the link Where i can download it ?