My last post was hidden?!

I’ve received an automated reply saying my last topic/post “What are we waiting for” was hidden because it’s considered spam. It was a legitimate post, could not be construed as spam in the slightest. The post was to find out what plans others have at the moment with regards to how LTC is performing at the moment, I needed some advice and some hope.

Your post was flagged as spam : the community feels it is an advertisement, something that is overly promotional in nature instead of being useful or relevant to the topic as expected.

Searing (a mod on here) even commented on it and gave a really good answer.

There was a joke comment left from knivesfinejewelry who wanted Trump to win the election. I appreciate the Trump word is emotive at the moment but if my post has been hidden on the basis that someone objected to that comment then this is ridiculous. I can’t be accountable for what others post on my topic!

Can some mods/admins look into this please. It says I can edit it after 10 minutes and it will be unhidden, but I’m not being given an option anywhere to see it let alone edit it.


Sorry about your topic, I didn’t know we arent allowed to talk about politics.

Not your fault, world need’s a little more humour at the moment. But I think it may have just triggered someone who is very sensitive enough to report my post lol

This forum is not split into sections on the main page, which looks kind of cluttered since people usually post several things shortly before going for a really long walk in the park or netflix or whatever!

Usually theres a section with the most recent post of each section; this is a runon sentence forum. Not to say thats a bad thing

Its obviously because of my filter but my filter is the default.

i kill a lot of spam each day…occasionally I kill stuff I should not…just as an aside…so who knows…it sometimes all blends together into one big blur… :slight_smile:


I appreciate that Brad, I know when large volumes are involved it’s easy to get carried away.

So I replied to Xinxi regarding the post and automated message. Any idea how I can get the post back? It’s a legitimate post and I think a good topic, I still want to get others opinions as at the moment I have yours (which was great, thank you) and a comic reply about Trump.

To help jog your memory, this was your reply.

i too am in HODL mode with the remainder of LTC I bought, in that I bought it at almost exactly what LTC is worth now…it is annoying indeed.

I am “HOPING” Mimblewimble comes through, but in that alpha testing starts this Fall of 2020 I believe it will be well into 2021 before it is added.

I, like most others here, find the lack of anything BUT the mimblewimble project (only one of any note IMHO) distressing also. They should be able to push more than ONE project at a time.

So it goes, the HODL’er dilemma…get out at a loss or hodl for a pump in activity/use and or price of the crypto in question.


if it was an auto flag’d I probably just went with the system and deleted such…


What a shame (and a total waste of my time). On that basis I can’t see myself contributing again anytime soon.

If you remade the post it would stay up probably i still think it was cause of my bleeding heart patriotism and love for my country

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Sadly I can’t be bothered now, like the currency it’s hard for me to take this forum seriously now but might as well have some fun and see if I can do the same and make this post hidden/deleted.

Trump for 2020! :us:

(P.s. I agree lol).

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Litecoin is an important currency because it is genuine and peer to peer which means theres no single server storing data. Just like bitcoin. However adoption builds value so bitcoin being the first will go up because it will always be the first. litecoin has few differences from other altcoins.

Litecoin needs more adoption. As long as theres a community it should keep value.

One major weakness is that the less adoption the easier it is for altcoins or anything peer to peer to be 51% ed. Peer to peer is literally torrenting, even torrents have that weakness it is why we know that it can happen if I am not mistaken.

To elaborate if youre downloading game of thrones and there are 10 seeders and theres 50 other people who start uploading a porn movie in its place with that magnet link youll download porn, correct me if im wrong. Ive never seen game of thrones but i mean the obvious meaning is understood here.

Haha :joy:

Exactly; “ Litecoin needs more adoption. As long as theres a community it should keep value.”