My Electrum-LTC wallet shows confirmed on one computer but not on another?

Hope somebody can help.

I installed the Electrum-LTC Wallet on my iMac transferred some LTC coins from Coinbase over to it - no problem. My wallet shows confirmed coins arrived just fine.

I then installed the Electrum-LTC Wallet on my Macbook and coped over the wallet file to the Macbook. But when I open the wallet on the Macbook, it shows the coins but as unconfirmed when clearly I have them as the wallet on the other computers shows them confirmed.

Am I missing something?

Thanks. Mike.

you dont need to copy anything.

Just ise your seed to recover the wallet on the other pc.

Thanks Pedro for replying; I really appreciate you taking the trouble. I think I have just (4 minutes ago) solved (or at least ‘got around’) the problem.

I noticed that in the home directory of my user on the iMac was an invisible folder called .electrum-ltc which held several files and folders (one of which was called ‘certs’, which I am guessing might be short for certificates.

Anyway, I copied that whole folder across to the home directory of my user on the Macbook laptop and restarted the wallet on there and it showed the coins as being confirmed! Phew! So I imagine that there must be a record in that home folder that keeps track of these things…?

Fingers crossed, that hopefully will be now ok. I’m not sure if that ‘way of doing things’ is the same on the Windows version of the wallet but I’m putting this out there just in case it helps any Apple Mac users.

Thanks again Pedro, your reply was much appreciated and it calms me to know that re-seeding the wallet on a new computer would also sort the issue out.

Kind Regards,