My 10 LTCs were stolen


I got 10 LTC on my LiteCoin Core wallet since 2013 (password protected).

On February, 7, 2018, I tried to transfer them to my wallet in WEX.NZ, and never got them, so I cancelled the transaction and got my LTCs back.

Then I made several more tries to transfer them to Bittrex, and never got the transaction, but every time got my LTCs back after cancelling.

On Feb, 13, 2018, I tried to send them again, to Bittrex. Never got them. BUT: there was another transaction from my Litecoin Core wallet to a wallet I never knew.

I don’t have that address in my wallet history of addresses as well.

So my LTCs are stolen, the same time that I tried to transfer them.

Status: 88732 confirmations
Date: 13.02.2018 13:35
To: LWMee3dF1VkbeaFsZEd6fzvTZZmmTqR1JC
Debit: -9.99616000 LTC
Transaction fee: -0.00384000 LTC
Net amount: -10.00000000 LTC
Transaction ID: add2aac72bd8b071a94e4b7eff373099b9fe3ac6dffee00c99cadb986d885d7f
Transaction total size: 192 bytes
Output index: 0

Please help.

That tx was not made this month. Not even this year.

Please see here:

@NSK154, did that info help you understand the nature of what hapened to you?