MWEB Progress Update Thread

I would like to donate $250,000 in LTC for your efforts. Best address to send?


Wow. That is an insane amount of money :laughing:

We’ve got a donation thread setup here: Litecoin Confidential Transactions / MWEB - Dedicated Fund

Charlie’s matching all donations, so we could really hit his pocketbook hard with a donation like that :slight_smile:

Currently the only thing that fund was used for is a $6000 monthly payment to me for working on MWEB, but this would allow us to grow the operation a decent bit!


Some day David will be adding MW to bitcoins protocol
surely we are writing history…keep up the best work going on David .

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This amount with Charlie’s matching would change things quite a bit. I’m not even sure if I would expect Charlie to match. I think he will, because he is quite the man of his words, but I don’t think he expected this. (And he should buy quite a few LTC for this. :D)
But of course this is the point of matching, to provide an extra incentive. Well, first, I’m curious if this comment is real at all.

Correct. I didn’t expect this. But I will definitely match it. And yes, I would have to buy quite a few LTC for this.

I believe this comment is real as I’ve reached out to him on Twitter and he seems genuine. If and when we do get the donation, I will buy the LTC and match it. And will announce it on Twitter.


wait, so what happened with whatever was over $6k a month ? i hoped my donation would go to you no matter how much was donated previously :frowning:

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I was wondering what will happen to GRIN after this upgrade as well .

Yeah, and with BEAM too, what made them special will be now available on a much more respected coin. To be honest i sold them for LTC, they well may still pump alot, but a coin with a history like LTC, having non interactive MW. For me that makes GRIN/BEAM obsolete.

I think it’s more positive for them due to Exchange re-evaluation and the common goal to maintain the MW blockchain . Also they already have ASIC. @David 's view on this is appreciated

History in the making here hopefully, Litecoin tot the moon :last_quarter_moon:

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cmon man, do it :smiley:


I’m a Portfolio Manager from Brazil and We wish you all the best on this implementation!

Our investors are into Litecoin and we appreciate your effort.

I’m wondering if Litecoin has some negotiations with new partnerships in order to make feasible crypto as a way of payment (truly)

In my thoughts, Apple Pay or any other tech company should be talking with you in order to implement new gateways of payments.


I hope all is going well. Something is expected to happen today… Funny name release to go out…

By the look of it, it’s almost complete!

See the following Github repo.

  • ltc-mweb/libmw/pull/50
  • ltc-mweb/litecoin

I love that it’s non-interactive. That was my biggest gripe with the other implementations of it.

Crypto is complicated enough without coins that have a UX totally different from everything else.

Thank you to the LTC team for working so hard on this. I don’t have enough in my bag to donate but I am hopeful for this community! You have my support

So… is mimblewimble code complete? Or are we submitting the college essay at 11:59pm? Or are we emailing the professor that we need more time because of “personal issues” or “technical issues?” haha in all seriousness, it’s fine if you’re running a bit late. To be fair you still have a few hours…

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I’m anxious here…

Has this donation been confirmed?

College essay for sure. Nearly everyone of my deadlines is met right around 11:59 PM PST.