Mustard Wallet for Litecoin v0.1.7.0 Released

The third release of Mustard Wallet for Litecoin , ported from Wasabi Wallet for Bitcoin , is out !

Just like Wasabi Wallet for Bitcoin , the Mustard Wallet is open-source, non-custodial and privacy-focused .


  • Introduce the new Mustard Wallet logo
  • Improve website styling
  • Fix coordinator fee

Key features

  • Litecoin wallet creation
  • Sending and receiving Litecoins
  • CoinJoining ( ” mixing ” ) Litecoins to enhance privacy
  • Running with the built-in full node ( litecoind )
  • Connecting to your own full Litecoin node
  • Running with and without Tor

Please create an issue or head over to the Mustard Wallet Subreddit for support or troubleshooting .


  • Check the sha256sums ( on Github and other channels like Reddit ) to verify the integrity .
  • CoinJoins use a small anonymity set for now , which will be gradually increased as we gain more users .

Hardware wallet integration

Should work , but currently untested . If you’ve tested it , and you find that it works with Wasabi but not with Mustard Wallet , please report the issue .

macOS support

The macOS build is ready as a .zip file so extracting that and executing the “mustardwalletltc” file should work .

You can also run Mustard Wallet for Litecoin from source on MacOS , using “dotnet run” in the GUI folder , just like you can with the Wasabi Wallet .

Work is in progress to set up a macOS release environment , so we can build and sign a .dmg file for MacOS users , to make this even more user friendly .

How to help

The most critical thing right now is growing the liquidity pool of the CoinJoins to further increase the privacy of the mixes and to speed up the time of the registration phase and the anonymity set .

The more participants and coinjoins , the more privacy !

So the best thing you can do to help is just to head over to GitHub , download the wallet and use it to gradually mix and anonymize your Litecoin UTXO’s , over several days, in several coinjoins , providing liquidity in the process . In a connected world , privacy becomes a group effort .

Together we can kickstart this new phase in Litecoin’s evolution and watch it grow !

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Is this LTC wallet ‘legit’ or should I kill this thread? Any long term members on here that can give me some advice about this thread?



it’s legit

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Small update : I’m currently preparing the next release , rebased on Wasabi Wallet v1.1.12.1 , so lots of nice improvements there , including PayJoin !