Multiple Wallets on Litecoin-Core possible?

Used to the BTC core program, don’t see intuitive way to create more than 1 LTC wallet- is it done thru the CLI?

it is done the same way.

*for the linux version there is no file>new wallet you just get the default wallet- again, is or what is the way to create a new second wallet?

oh really? damn that is odd. I don’t use it on Linux - hopefully someone else that does can chime in here soon and have a better answer.

trying to move off win10, to ubuntu- so I only have exp. with the btc-core program which is exactly the same (less the multi wallets) as the ubuntu ltc-core program.
What is attractive about the LTC-core (0.18.1) program on ubuntu is it’s portable- so put it on the external drive, and no obious links to the program- encrypt the file (qbackup) where the program is and its not bad- nothing on your main drive.


its in the CLI:
createwallet name

where “name” just whatever name you want.

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good to know.