Move coins to paper wallet issue

Got a quick question. I tried mining a few years ago for fun and now want to put the coins into a paper wallet for long term storage. I read a bunch of tutorials and they seemed straight forward but doesn’t seem to be working for me.

I generated and printed a paper wallet. I can see my coins in the litecoin - wallet program, I clicked on send, entered the paper wallet share address and a small test amount to send to the paper wallet. That was about 24 hours ago. I have been checking the status at but it shows 0 transactions and 0 balance. Is there something I am doing wrong or does it take longer than 24 hours?

Thought I should note, the version of the litecoin wallet is V0.8.5.1-beta. Not sure is that would make a difference.

whats the address, txid?

I sent it to this paper wallet public ID