Missing LTC after reinstall LiteCoin Core

Hi all,

I am sorry to ask maybe stupid question but I am brand new in LTC. I installed LiteCoin Core created LTC address and withdrawn to this address 0.5 LTC. Then I reinstalled my PC and installed LiteCoin again but there was no address anymore. Where are my 0.5 now?

I have transaction details where is written that the transaction is “Not yet redeemed”


what do you mean?


I mean I formatted my hard disc and installed new clean Windows.

if that’s the case, installing the software again will only generate a new wallet…

people need to start reading about how this crypto currency works, on every price surge there are many that show up, either because the forgot their passphrase or because they deleted their wallets and want the coins back.

sorry for the rant,

it depends now, if you have an folder windows.old on your PC, I may help you get your coins back, maybe 90%,

if you don’t have this folder, but the PC have been not used after the installation of win10, recovery 10%

if the no folder and the PC have been used much after installation, you are out of luck, and your coins are lost forever.

Good news! I made re-install on other PC.

On this PC where I had LiteCoin Core I only uninstall it and then install again. But old wallet info never shows. Is it stored in some folder where I can upload historical data?

if the PC was never formated… only uninstall the wallet you may get the information needed to recover your coins.