Missing Coins Bounty Awarded if found

HELP! I Was looking for a litecoin paper wallet and came across liteaddress.org. I generated a wallet. Wrote down and triple checked the address and the key. Sent over some and when i go to check on blochchain.info it says no results found. I’ve been trading for 8 months and have never had a problem in the past. Please help. Bounty awarded. Thanks.

pm your way

Please try your address here:

blockchaininfo has nothing to do with LTC :slight_smile:

If you need any further help, feel free to answer to this thread or pm me. I’ll be happy to help.

If you wish to send any bounty, feel free to do it to this LTC address:

That helped. I have private key but no QR Code code. How do I recover funds?

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Import privatekey (hand typing) into a new electrum-ltc wallet.

When creating, use “import public or private keys” option. Will send you a picture in a moment.

Import litecoin addresses or private keys:

Hand type private key:

Ok I’ll try that. Be right back.

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Did it work?

No. I’m on my phone. Not supported.

Yeah. electrum-ltc is not available for phones at the moment.

There is a wallet called Edge, but haven’t tried it jet.
Also not sure if it allos you to import existent private keys.

There is also LoafWallet, but I am sure that wallet don’t let you import existent private keys.

Your best bet may be to import that pk on electrum-ltc for PC.

Ok. I’ll go to library until I can get a computer. Do you know when the coins will be distributed from the fork today?

I think fork has happened already.

So you are doing this to get LCC? If you, in fact you don’t need to do anything. You just have them already on that private key.

The only moment when you need to do anything is when you wish to spend coins from the fork.

I myself have some LCC but are not interested on spending them at the moment.

I got the paper wallet so I could do the fork. I’m trying to move my litecoins so I can use my private key to claim my LCC. I got a Coinomi wallet before the fork and put some LTC in it also but haven’t received coins yet. How’d you get yours?

You won’t “receive” LCC coins.

What you need to do is

  1. Transfer your LTC away from current addresses
  2. Put LTC private keys on LCC wallet (when available)
  3. Spend LCC coins.

Step 2) is the reason why step 1) is needed: You’ll be putting your LTC private keys on unknown software, said sofware could steal your LTC.

Hi Mautematico,

I’m looking for help too, I will also pay if you can help me. But I can’t find a way to pm you.



I’ve PM you.
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