Missing balance from shapeshift

Sorry if this is a simple fix and I’m just clueless but I’m kinda really new to this whole crypto thing. But anyways I bought around $40 worth of litecoin about 10 days ago through the shapeshift app and I still don’t have it. Like it never showed up in the shapeshift app. I’ve bought a few times through the app before and never really had any problems and as far as I can tell when looking at the transaction it’s completed but I think it went to the wrong wallet or something. But that dosmt make sence to me because when you buy through shapeshift it dosnt give a option to change the wallet address . I think u can on desktop but ive only used it on the mobile app. I’ve contacted their customer support and im getting about 1 response a day from them with little to no info on what the heck is going on with my ltc.they said if I want immediate access to my funds then I can recover through a electrum or a a diffrent lrc wallet but I don’t understand at all and my attempts at doing it myself have proven to be crappy as best . If anyone could help I’d greatly appreciat it. I would offer some ltc as a reward bit I’ve a portion of it based on market prices. Also Sorry for the long message post.i can’t really think of another way to explain the situation. Again any info or help would be awesome