Mining Rentals to rent yours or not?

I have a question I have been trying to wrap my head around for quite a few days and have not come up with any reasonable answers so I am hoping someone here can help. I have recently gotten back into the LTC mining game and have found some sites that you can rent and list your mining rig. I feel that the target market for this is the “beginner” who may not have a lot of knowledge or experience. I decided to test out this theory and see what kind of “return” if you will I can get on my rigs. I have 2 grid seed blades that I used as my “test” subjects. I set my minimum rental rate at twice what I would get in LTC from mining my at pool and I am getting renters. I say that to say this, What am I missing that people would pay 2 - 3 times more than I am anticipated to make in my pool to rent my equipment? I have checked and I don’t see anything there that is obvious to me. My next thought was that someone was just an idiot or missed a 0 in the price or something. I am unable to come up with any logical reasons that someone would do that. I am thinking about placing all my rigs there to make a double profit. If no one rents my rig I still mine at my pool and if someone does rent it then I get at least double what I would make if it was un-rented.

Any insight into this dilemma I have would be greatly appreciated.