Mining on self pool

I have created my own pool for litecoin mining . Everything is working fine but the main problem I am facing with my admin wallet. I am using my A4 DOMINATOR with 280mh/s .

I have run my miner for at least 40 hours but my wallet is not updating .
I am using PROP as payout option and minimum payout I hav set 0.001 LTC. I have my miner has accepted more than 55000000 shares on my pool but my wallet is not updating with payment.

I have set
Rpcpassword= my litecoin address which is generated by litecoin
gen=0 and I have tried with gen=1 too.

My miner IP is 192.168.1.*

I am running my miner on CGminer.
I have opened all the ports using firewall.

But nothing has happened .

Please anyone who can help me to resolve this query . Where I am wrong ?
What settings should I do so that my pool wallet could get coins.

My what’s app number is +91-9212481912

If anyone can help my through WhatsApp