Mining Litecoin?

220v outlet, 30 amp breaker, asic l3++, and join a mining pool. Whole thing nets you 6 litecoin on average a year. Costs you more than 6 litecoin cost. Equipment lasts about 3 years. You won’t net much. An asic l3 is gonna run you no less than $300. Don’t buy used.

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Is this including the cost of power? If I have free power how much would I net?

you’d have to use this pool which last i heard was paying more than 100% due to merge mining and this included Dogecoin payouts now at 170% with mergemining plus also a free pool on top of such.
At the price I can get in the midwest of 8c kWh and a Bitmain L3+ (which you can underclock for more savings…this is stock speed).

Anyway, using ‘stock’ speed of 500mh 800 watts at 8c kWh you get the following

Profitability Analysis

Expected Rewards Costs Net Profit
24 hours 0.02068697 LTC 4.06 USD 1.54 USD 2.52 USD
7 days 0.14480879 LTC 28.40 USD 10.75 USD 17.65 USD
30 days 0.62060911 LTC 121.72 USD 46.08 USD 75.64 USD

So IF you can get say an L+ and if it all hangs together with Dodgecoin (big if indeed) you would ROI in

about 5 months after electric. This is figuring a $350 L3+ unit of eBay with shipping tax etc.

However, without dodge coin, your profits would be much less by 70% off, and more likely it would never really ROI over just buying the LTC and/over the use of electricity.

so unless you need a ‘space heater’ for something like a basement…I’d just buy LTC at this time

oh…and dump any dodge…it is gonna dump me thinks…i figure once the hype dies down it will have g

from once a below penny coin to now maybe a bit over a penny coin…not the 7c coin it is now.


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Now imagine Elon mining Litecoin and Dogecoin in space with his Starlink satellites. Free energy, free cooling. 60’000 satellites x usd 350+ x 12 mths = usd 252+ mln per year.

Government resistant. A blockchain in Space no government can stop.

Would explain why he shills Doge from time to time. They might have mined in their engineering labs for proof of concept.

And just as they developed the most advanced chip for full self driving they could have developed an asic for mining.

Add to that that they claim the Starlink satellites will have to be replaced about every 5 years …

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Dump my dodge? But it’s reliable and has a lot of utility! Yes it has bad gas milage but it’s a good tradeoff for the utility you get from it! And much better than Fords or chevys imo.


Power is the key-got it

This was the biggest thing that is hindering adpotion- mining. It does not pay to mine LTC, even with cheap electricity. All the machines are too few and way overpriced. Look for a ROI that is equal to the warranty.
I think a leveraged trading account would do far better.