Mining farm for sale 70 L3+ with PSU

I have a 70 L3+ mining farm already up and running. I am looking to sale the entire farm for 50,000. The cost to mine right now with my miners is $65 per kilowatt. About 3500 a month.

ok using the Mining Calculator | free LTC pool that has payout of 101% I get the following to get your

3,500 cost more or less a month figures for electrical costs and rewards

So 70 L3+'s comes out to 35,000mh and the electric needed to get your about 3500 with the above

calculator (rent and elec I assume total) is 0.85c per kWh figure…a bit more than your $65 kwh using

the above calculator to get your figures…70 L3+'s at 800 watts each is 56,000 watts …again all this

is to get close to your 3,500 a month electrical figures above

so using above calculator with the figures of 35,000mh and 56,000 watts and 0.085c per kWh I get below

at curent LTC price of $81.29c LTC. Plop the figures in yourselves. Bitmain L3+ 500mh and 800 watts.

|24 hours|1.68433330 LTC|136.92 USD|114.24 USD|22.68 USD|
|7 days|11.79033311 LTC|958.44 USD|799.68 USD|158.76 USD|
|30 days|50.52999902 LTC|4107.58 USD|3427.20 USD|680.38 USD|

So for an electrical cost of $3,427.20 you will get for your $50,000 risk a whopping $680.38 with current

price and difficulty and the likelihood of Bitmain coming out with the ‘supposed’ 1.5gh unit at around

the same 800 watts…NO WAY can a person do this deal…sorry to say …way to risky…I wish it was not

so I have 16 L3+ equiv units (including the 4 L3’s) …so the math doesn’t work for me either

sorry to say, we are all screwed…anyway use the above calculator…no pool fees its a free pool the 101%

is included as extra in the calcs above…check my math…etc…but what I see from my end here