Mining difficulty

What are people’s speculations of mining difficulty decreasing ove the next while? I’m hoping people see that Litecoin spiked and is dipping back to a more reasonable price. Hopefully it will decrease the number of major mining opperations that seem to have raped the network the past week. Hoping they go back to mining something else. The A4 i bought was supposed to do around 3 coins a month at time of purchase. Once i recieved it, I’m doing 1.2… haha Note to self: buy the latest model miner and pay for fastest shipping possible.

It was certainly a little harsh to see the difficulty jump so quick the last 2 weeks.

The price falling will make new miners think twice about buying gear but I still think that the difficulty will continue to rise. We might see a period every now and then of -3 to -5 % but I can’t imagine it trending downward anytime.

That’s really the strategy that I use. Specifically, buy the latest model.

I’ve been able to resell my machines for pretty much what I bought them for.

hard to bite the bullet and spend $4000 while i should be buying xmas gifts for family haha see what it does over the next while. just hope it doesnt jump huge again or my A4 will be useless!

Selling two of our slightly used miners. Only used since April 2017 to October 2017 for home personal scrypt mining only.

We have 1 pc. A4 Dominator at ±135 MH/s and will include EVGA 1000W power supply
1 pc. Antminer L3+ Miner ±504 MH/s with no PSU.

You can buy one or both. For serious buyers only!!! These are in mint condition and in hand; will ship within 2 business days to within United States with signature required and insurance on the item. Both miners will arrive in original packaging from manufacturers.

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I think we’ll see it jump again if the price spikes again, I’m not real bullish on another price spike anytime soon. I find it hard to believe that anything that rockets up as fast as LTC (and crypto as an asset class) will sustain that kind of velocity over a few years. Who knows though, I’ve been wrong before.

I’m just glad that I just unloaded my A4 Dominator and was able to get what I originally paid for it because I don’t think it will be possible to do that in the next few months.

You think difficulty will grow even if price dont go up ?

probably will

It definitely will :chart_with_upwards_trend: think about all the people who just jumped into the mining game, think about all those L3+ units in the post, all those units getting setup as we chat. I think it’ll double again very soon, I tend to double the difficulty when using profit calculators just to temper my expectations, keep myself grounded in reality. I suggest people considering mining do the same thing as well, double the difficult and look and see if you think mining is still worth it.

Forecasting we will start seeing - 2 to - 5 % difficulty drops if the price of LTC continues to trend below 300 USD