Mini Doge Litecoin Miner warning signs

Just upgrade to 2.2.1 software update but on three of my miners showing red light next to power supply socket and GUI displaying “Chip Over heat” message. Hash rate graph :chart_with_downwards_trend: on miner interface showing hash drop
But miner body is reasonably cold no hot wires and even in litecoin pool its showing the miner is active and mining
Is someone know what is happening


Several things can make the miner overheat: not enough air flow, need to run at lower clock speed, need to take apart and clean the dust out, some heat sinks might have fallen off. Also check to make sure all the fans are running, the least expensive thing to do on a miner is replace a fan.

Thanks for your suggestions as you mentioned

  1. not enough air flow,
    They are in front of a window and the ones are having over heat issues are in the middle of stake it could be a issue but when I manually turn miner off and on again problem shift to a other miner for example on time of writing, this post 1, 3 and 8 was showing red light after manual start for while they all behave the way they should then 3,4,8,9 start flashing. I think its more than an air flow

  2. need to run at lower clock speed,
    This is what I didn’t tried yet

  3. need to take apart and clean the dust out,
    Couple of days ago I cleaned all of my miners and replaced any burned power connectors I could suspect faulty rework but even the miner I didn’t replace power connectors are also showing symptoms

  4. some heat sinks might have fallen off.
    In Goldshell mini Doge miner all heat sinks are bolted to the board except one and they all looks fine to me.

  5. Also check to make sure all the fans are running,
    Yes they are running at 1800/1800 or 1980/1980 some time 2020/2020 I think speed depends on Hash rate it is fluctuate between Avg: 185 MH/s to CPB0 205 MH/s

Thanks for your reply hope option 2 works for me

Don’t rely on the posted fan speed, physically make sure you can feel the air flow of the fans by putting your hand against it. Once time I accidently put one of the fans in backwards after reassembly, it looked fine on the report, but both fans were pointing away from each other so no air was moving. You can put a small room fan blowing into the intake fan to see if it helps. I have a garage with lots of units pointing out of the garage but had to build screened vents the full length of the garage door or there wasn’t enough air moving through the room. This lowered my temperatures a lot.

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Thank You for the Update.

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Yes, I checked and can confirm fans are pointing in the right direction and blowing air as they should. Since I start running miners on low power mode they are working fine but low power mode is affecting profitability
As I monitor my hash rate which should be 188 MH but after installing a new update, it’s going up to or over 205 MH. I think the software update 2.2.0 is meant to be for Mini Doge pro Miners maybe this is a reason I am getting overheat message

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make sense Good answer.

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I was wondering if the LTC miners could explain it to me

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I think there must be dust accumulated in your miner and this is why it gets heated. Also, if the air flow gets blocked, it causes heat.

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Same. Updated info is always good

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I think this issue has to do something with the software upgrade you did, can you verify if it was working fine before the upgrade ?

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Good question the answer is No
They were going offline by themselves that was a reason I updated the software but after the update heating up issues appeared

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Were they on stock firmware before, when they used to go offline by themselves ?

kinda, but i too am not aware of it much would get back.


The miner may overheat for a number of reasons, including inadequate airflow, the requirement for lower clock speeds, the need to disassemble and clear out the dust, and maybe detached heat sinks. Additionally, ensure all of the fans are operating because replacing a fan on a miner is the least expensive thing to perform.