Mine my own coins

how can i dig my own coins, would be fun to test. have only invested but would be cool to earn coins. I am quite inexperienced so please answer me respectfully :slight_smile:

get a scrypt miner. join a pool or go solo (need a lot of hash to have any real results solo)

Mining solo is not always profitable because of the cost of equipment and high electricity costs. The latter also depends on where you live, though. Joining a mining pool or cloud mining are better alternatives for most people.

I would not do cloud mining - if you look at any of them, they cost more to use than the profits they provide - for that, just buy the coin outright, after all that is what cloud mining is really about, someone else mines and you pay them for the coin. And yes to mine, you need cheap electricity or it’s not going to be worth it either.

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Yeah, i agree with your narrative. People don’t consider all of these factors when the start and later it backfires on them.