Mimblewimble follow up Q’s

Some follow up questions i had , feel free to chime in anybody.

Q1: what do you see as the most viable solution for breaking output linkability? Payjoins, Dandelion, Kernal aggregation or something else.?

Q2: what are the major differences between coin swaps and coin joins? And pro’s and con’s of both. Also if coin swaps are adopted would that essentially replace any coinjoin implementation on Mweb?

Q3: clarifying cut through , this is the mechanism to "destroy " or eliminate mweb outputs that have already been spent , thus requiring less data for verification or download of the blockchain?

Q4:Are atomic swaps capable in Mweb LTC to base BTC, XMR etc, or does one have to peg out to accomplish.

Q5: With Bitcoin for private static addresses for donations or merchants there is something called Paynyms that is being used to a degree, if Mweb does indeed generate new addresses for use , could there be an implementation of Bip 47 into Litecoin Mweb?