Message to all moderation staff

To all moderators on this website and on Telegram,

I am writing to you today with deep concern about the current state of the Litecoin group on Telegram. As a regular participant in the group, I have noticed a troubling trend that needs to be addressed urgently. There is a group of toxic members who have taken over the conversation and are actively engaging in behavior that is extremely harmful to the community.

One of the worst offenders is a member who goes by the name “Moonsie”, but who has now changed their nickname to “Feebel”. This individual has been particularly toxic in their behavior and comments, often using foul language and making derogatory remarks towards other members. Their actions have created a hostile environment in the group, making it difficult for members to engage in meaningful discussions about Litecoin.

However, “Feebel” is not the only member who is causing problems. There are several others who are also engaging in similar behavior. These individuals often use abusive language and make personal attacks on other members, making it impossible for civil discourse to take place.
Moreover, their behavior is also focused on spreading “FUD” for Litecoin. On a daily basis, these people make it their objective to spread as much nonsense as possible about the coin and the project.

This toxic behavior is not only damaging to the Litecoin community on Telegram, but it is also driving away potential new members. Many people who are interested in Litecoin may be hesitant to join the group because of the negative atmosphere created by these toxic members.

With all this in mind, I strongly urge you to take stricter action against these toxic members. It is essential that the Litecoin group remains a safe and welcoming space for all members to express their opinions and engage in constructive dialogue. This can only be achieved through stronger moderation and swift action against those who violate the community guidelines.

I suggest that the group’s rules and guidelines be reviewed and updated to reflect the current situation. This will help to prevent further instances of toxic behavior and ensure that the group remains a positive and productive environment for all.

Secondly, I urge the moderators to actively engage with the community to understand their concerns and to seek feedback on how to improve the group. If the moderators are not available to moderate, we understand this is not a paid job and they have their lives outside their computer, I suggest you look into expanding the team. This will help to build trust and ensure that the moderators are acting in the best interests of the community.

In conclusion, I implore you to take immediate action against the toxic members, including “Feebel”, who are causing immense harm to the Litecoin community on Telegram. Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I hope this issue will be addressed.



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Hi. I’m probably ranking high when it comes to active moderation of this forum. However, I cannot help you when it comes to the Telegram group. So, just stay around here and invite other people to this forum. I make sure to visit here at least once every day.


Moonsie’s new account has been banned.


I think Moonsie was trading LTC short, so his comments were in fact designed to piss people off.
Trading is not the best for LTC. NFT is not the best for LTC, its the best for profit.


I totally agree with your statements. I see LTC as a payment coin, and only this usage, will help LTC, in the long run.


You are absolutely correct. It also helps to tell litecoin ambassadors in Twitter that they should use tags when posting. #paymentcoin #transfercoin and such are great to have for litecoin.

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Telegram and the Moonsie gang have been a problem for many years. FUD can be good for balance however they take it to a higher level of abuse.

They have groups on Telegram that collude to attack individual members who are bitcoin or are starting grassroots efforts to help the LTC community.

They go beyond fud and into destroying/attacking pro-LTC groups and individuals.

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Marketing could help.
So far no one knows what is being done, maybe @Xinxi or @coblee could shed some light onto the activities of that department. Google, Bing ads have lost their attraction, there are better ways. Let alone the website, the holdings Litecoin owns, are put under a very small light.

For 250 LTC you should get much more traction than all those meetings combined. I bet it costs more to house Litecoin enthusiasts meeting other litecoin enthusiasts, well that won’t bring much traction.