Meeting place for workers and contractors

Hello everyone. I’ve been thinking on developing a platform where independent workers can advertise their services and people looking for hiring people (either for full-time jobs or short-term contracts) can meet, have conversations and possibly do business.

The current major platforms out there nowadays have a serious flaw: they treat their userbase as their private cattle, as their income slaves! As examples, is full of tiny traps and takes 10% of all of the income that is done through their platform and Upwork takes a whopping 20% cut! Both of these platforms provide little to almost no value yet demand this insane tax from their users. I solely use these platforms as meeting places to find new regular customers, and even for this purpose they are of little use nowadays. It’s no wonder that the quality of the bids of these platforms have decreased dramatically: who would accept to work in such disadvantageous terms?

I think that a business model around taking a fixed fee from the users that is used for the maintenance of the databases and servers is viable and could severely undercut these lazy business and give them a run for their money. The bigger the user base, the smaller is the individual fee (because the servers can handle the load of many users, making the individual cost smaller).

Is there someone else that also faces the same issues that I face and would like more competition in the independent worker networking business?

This always an interesting topic. There are some problems, like how am I sure, that I will get paid. I have seen many scam projects.

what the hell does this have to do with LTC???

can you not find anywhere else to talk about this kind of stuff??
You’re not here for the tech. You don’t believe in Litecoin as a global solution. And you tell people to sell their LTC as soon as they get it…

WHY ARE YOU HERE?? to cause people to leave? or just have a general negative take on this amazing technology???

again, not trying to convince you because it’s a lost cause… But everywhere i see your comments or post… I’ll respond :wink: for the benefit of the community

I have placed this in the “Off-Topic” section, exactly because it’s not directly related to Litecoin. Cryptocurrencies might enable better marketplaces for independent workers, and Litecoin might have a place in that, but that’s something to think for the long run.

I thought you didn’t believe in the technology of Litecoin…

You said so yourself and I have a direct quote

MAKE UP YOUR MIND!! you either think Litecoin has a chance and it’s technology is good or you just here for a cash grab… ?

Litecoin is a tool, not an object of worship. Should I believe in a specific knife maker, or smartphone maker? I know that some people worship Apple products, believing in them, but that looks silly from my point of view.