Max Keiser Reveals the One Aspect Gold Has That Bitcoin Is Lacking

Do you think fungibility matters?

Ahead of Stansberry Research’s much anticipated Bitcoin vs Gold debate, Bitcoin pioneer Max Keiser gives his pre-game analysis. Slated for premiere access on April 21st, the debate will feature Microstrategy’s Michael Saylor and mining financier Frank Giustra, hosted by our Daniela Cambone. Keiser reveals punches he expects from both sides— and, for the first time ever, he talks about one competitive edge the yellow metal has over Bitcoin. It’s a Stansberry exclusive!

Unsure about the clickbait link.

Fungibility does matter, if you could only interact with 1 litecoin and not the 100 million litoshi it represents this ‘currency’ would be useless. I can’t break a dollar bills into 100 million units, even the highest denomination of a dollar bill.

Gold is not fungible, it is divisible and malleable (can be shaped into things like jewelery and processors) so it can have more use-cases. It is not more fungible than LTC or BTC

sorry about the clickbait.

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No problem, just not a fan of people trying to convince the public gold is some hot ■■■■ compared to solid cryptocurrencies.

I think you misunderstand fungibility. Gold is really more fungible at the moment. Gold is gold. You cannot see the history of a piece of gold and it is not necessarily attached to other pieces of gold. I’m very far from being a gold fan, but this is a scientific fact.
Fungibilty means that any two pieces of the currency are equivalent. If I have an address with 10000 LTC, I don’t want to send you 0.1 LTC from that address. Instead I will use one, that has only 1 LTC, so I will not reveal my huge wealth. This means that the LTC’s on the two addresses are not equivalent, not fungible.
Another problem is that as long as the whole blockchain is public, the history of the coins can be followed back.
When you use cash in the shop, nobody knows, if two years ago it was robbed from an old lady… It is the same as any other pieces of cash. Cash is fungible. LTC is not yet. That’s why MWEB is so important.