MAT Alchemist, firmware around

Question: I am working on fixing some MAT Alchemist miners, and I’m working on the controllers.

One had hardware issues, I straightened that out and ran into it having very bad static IP address settings.
One has a static address of
One will not come up.

Hooked up the serial port on it (pain, but do-able) and got in via the console. On one of them admin/admin allowed me in, changed the network settings, it’s up. What is the default web password for it, and can I change it from the command line?

Second comes up, but does not have a default admin/admin password or root. Need to figure out how to hack into it.

Third is throwing partition errors and needs a FSCK, but of course the root password is unknown.

Question: Is there a bootable image I can put on an SD card? I tried a BBB image but it blew up pretty spectacularly after trying to start. Before I build a kernel from scratch might help to know what I am up against here.



if you are just after resetting the password, you might try to mount the sd card in another linux system and use
passwd -R /mnt/sdcard root
(or wherever you mounted the sd card) and set the password to your liking.