Market predictability

I own LTC and BTC. Im very optimistic, enthusiastic but also realist about both of them
I do my own analysis and I see lots of very good TAs w/ cycles, patterns & fractals with the same outcomes than mine
Stepping back a little bit, my question is (cuz i want ppl opinions): has the price of both assets become that predictable? :thinking:

No. It’s a second order chaotic system, where the widely available knowledge about a prediction brakes the prediction on some timescale. Nobody knows what the system’s future holds, though some of the market psychology makes it seem predictable. If it would be, you would be already a billionaire.


Predictability should have a percentage. This has been a brutal trade but maybe no more.


Absolutely correct. Every prediction should have uncertainties or confidence intervals attached to them.


Agree with both of you…prediction should be taken very carefully considering the market is ruled by whales who play a very psychological game

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