Making mw transaction for dummies

Hello. Noob reporting in and seeking for advice or guide.
I currently have litecoind version 180100 running on Ubuntu 20 vps and everything works simple except for the fact that I can’t figure out how to make mw transaction. Any transactions I make are transparently published on Blockchain and anyone can see what where and when I’m sending. I’d really like to make more private mw transactions but I can’t understand how to.
Googling only gives non relevant articles.

Is there a simple answer or manuals please?

Thanks in advance.


MW is an upcoming feature, will work only on newer versions of Litecoind and as long as the feature is properly activated by the community. You can track activation on

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Oh… Bummer :confused:
But all the media keep saying that mw supposed to be working already since January 2022. Is it just an other kind of fake news? Or is there any beta/alfa/unstable version of litecoind I could try to use on practice?

You can use it only on testnet. This is the site we have been following to track MW development:

This is another incident that proves that all that is shared on the internet is not worth believing. It’s best to confirm the news from genuine sources also.

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