Make litecoin solo mining server as a service

Hello, we need some help to make our litecoin solo mining server … I have find some instructions for linux\windows but they all 2-3 years old and doesn’t work …

I used solo.nicehash but now it doesn’t work, I need server not only for me, if somebody find a block server should send him his reward.

I have some ltc and can pay for real help … Also I can give you possibilite to make it on my server.

I could help you with this, have set up a few other solo operations for individuals. See my post about this here: Solo Mining vs Pool Mining

This is something I was looking into this but I think it’s a lot of work. I’m not too interested in this but if you want help setting up to mine solo, get it touch: shepardblue [at] protomail [dot] com

thanks a lot … I have read all your post and it was quite interesting …
if you don’t mind i will e-mail you about our results.

Sure, happy to collaborate with anyone interested in supporting the Litecoin network. Talk soon