Major News Outlets Rarely Discuss Litecoin

Bitcoin is continuously mentioned on major news outlets across the globe, with very little Litecoin discussion.Take CBNC for example, rarely do they speak about Litecoin, generally they cover Bitcoin and Ethereum exlusively. Any way for us to collaborate as a community here around greater press coverage to inform the general public? Why is Litecoin left out?

May the force be with us!


IMO, it’s a centralized thing.

Many years ago, there was a site called MySpace. It was so popular, it outranked all of the search engines, even google! It was true freedom.

Instead of having to pay to be included on searches, like Yahoo, or some magic BS big-wig, like Google, you were good, based on your word of mouth, and how good you were. This allowed independent artists, musicians, and businesses to compete on a level playing field.

However, centralized media, aka, “Big Tech” would constantly harp about FaceBook & Twitter. “News outlets.” Everything was those two. Why no talking of MySpace? Eventually, the masses went there, which is where the money is.

BTC was the first, and biggest, so it’s hard to ignore it. ETH, from what I understand, is heavily developed, and influence, by “Big Players,” which is why it gets better coverage than ETC, or LTC…despite LTC being around longer. I’ve always had a soft spot for LTC, myself.

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