Mac disk crash and did not archive .dat file

Was running the wallet on OSX on a Mac Pro laptop. Dumb a"· that I am I did not heed the instructions to back up the .dat file to removable media. I have had a disk crash. Disk is still accessible but the OS wont run. Where do I find the wallet.dat file in the file structure??
Thanks and many kind regards

Its very unfortunate what happend, corrupt disks is very bad situation where you can lost all the data, including your wallet and then your coins.

You need to make backups in order to recovery after a data loose event.

Anyway, if you use Litecoin core wallet so maybe the file location is this

/Users/${USER}/Library/Application Support/Litecoin/

And your wallet should be on

/Users/${USER}/Library/Application Support/Litecoin/wallet.dat

Let us know if you can recover the coins

Hi jfdiaz
Thanks for the information. I will post back with results.
Many thanks for the read and reply

Sure thing youre welcome

OK. Have the disk out of the laptop. On another Mac laptop I have here I can
,using the option button at the boot chime, see the disk when its connected via USB. It will attempt to boot (as will the original laptop) but hangs. On the Linux desktop, I can also mount the disk and see the contents but I can not open /users/USER, I get a permission denied message when trying to view the files there. I tried running First Aid on the disk from the Apple Disk utility and it would not run except in recovery. I am hesitant to blindly run the recovery utility for fear of destorying the dat file on the wallet. Suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

Edit later… Ran recovery and got a failed attempt with File System check exit code is 8- operation failed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

did you sudo open the user/user path?