Ltcd/wire deserialization bug fixes

@losh11 Would you have a look at and merge Cherry pick fixes for witness item limit by zhenyuzhaocb · Pull Request #25 · ltcsuite/ltcd · GitHub?

These are cherry-picks for upstream bug fixes to at wire: increase max witness items per input by ellemouton · Pull Request #1907 · btcsuite/btcd · GitHub and wire: remove erroneous witness size check in wire parsing by Roasbeef · Pull Request #1896 · btcsuite/btcd · GitHub

ltcd, ltcwallet, and neutrino are presently broken as on Litecoin mainnet there are transactions that hit the buggy checks. e.g. MsgTx.BtcDecode: too many witness items to fit into max message size [count 500003, max 500000]


Fixed and merged.

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Thanks. However it seems that the other PR you merged, fix: panic when the response is nil by mission-liao · Pull Request #23 · ltcsuite/ltcd · GitHub, cherry picked a piece of a commit without other required changes. Fix for that is now in rpcclient: cherry-pick prereq fixes by chappjc · Pull Request #29 · ltcsuite/ltcd · GitHub