LTC will never exceed 1M

This is because if the entire world economy converted to LTC it would be 1M each. :joy:

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Good to know. :smiley: :joy:

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Sometimes I get lost with the english billion/trillion (because in Spanish “un billón” is equivalent to the English “one trillion”, etc.) here is why: Long and short scales - Wikipedia

So, sorry if I’m wrong with the calculations:

There will be 84 millions of LTC at max, per one million $ each, I understand it would be 84 trillions $ of marketcap (right?).

There are more than 84 trillion $ in the entire world economy, much more, so… I think you might be wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

That includes a lot more than dollars and cents though. You wouldn’t use a house a currency you know what I mean? If you look in the chart the number I go off of is broad money under global money supply. That includes all physical and non-physical “cash”.

So 90 Trillion (this is probably the more updated number than I got) so ltc will cap probably a little above 1m and that’s if it takes over the world lol, more realistically there will be a few main cryptos and some places will still use fiat etc. So maybe we cap at 250k? Idk.

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Well, the problem here is how you define “global money supply”.

We should go to the monetary aggregates definitions: M0 M1 M2… that, as you said, includes physical and virtual money (deposits, money created by banks, etc.).

Even only with that, 84 trillions $ is short, there is much more money in the world. Anyway, you said in your fist post “the world economy” and not “the world money”, the economy includes goods and services :slight_smile:

250k $ would be really nice anyway xDD