Ltc wallet python

Hello everyone
The electrum ltc system has the ability to create addresses for the wallet. You can choose the duration of existence. For example 1 day or week or endlessly. I wanted to implement this in my python code, but after reading the documentation I didn’t even understand how to connect to my wallet. I would be grateful for any advice or help. Thank you

addresses never expire

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I could explain something wrong. But I meant it

yeah that’s just useless fluff that electrum made up because they were bored or something,
addresses never actually expire, you can use them forever, whatever you select there

Okay, that’s clear with that.
But I have a different problem.
How can I do the same in code?
Looked through all the documentation, found nothing

what do you want to do?
expiring addresses are not a real thing!
they just hide the address from the UI after a while, you can use it regardless

that’s because no such thing exists, they just made that up in electrum

I just want to generate a new address in code. Let it be infinite, it doesn’t matter