LTC wallet.dat recovery SOLVED explanation added

I am trying to recover my old LTC account. I still have the address (on blockchain I can still see the correct amount of LTC) and I still hold the old wallet.dat file, which I saved in the past.

I’ve downloaded LTC core in order to make a few transactions, but obviously I couldnt see the LTC balance. I’ve checked out this website and read I had to replace the wallet.dat file by the old wallet.dat file, which I did. Restarted LTC Core, but still can not see anything.

The synchronising seems to be up to date though.

What to do?

Many thanks!!

OK. I’ve just managed to solve the issue.

It appears I also had to rescan.

“C:\Program Files\Bitcoin\litecoin-qt.exe” -rescan

So for all those in the near future encountering the same prob as me; these were the steps I had to follow:

  • download LiteCore
  • synch (which took me 3 days)
  • replaced new wallet.dat by old wallet.dat
  • run -rescan as per above (which took about 2 hours)

This what’s so frustrating about the world of cryptocurrency. It’s quite technical, especially when you bought these coins a couple of years ago. If they’d make all this more userfriendly, more people would actually buy

You are right about that!
It’s why people are more content to have online wallets these days … but that has problems too.

For your interest,

After installing Litecoin Core you can speed up the initial sync by using this technique,


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Hello you look knowledgeble

that is my situation thx