Ltc wallet and address

HI! I am new in LTC…I earned some satoshis on Moonlite using Ltc address, and reaching min amount on Coinpot, made withdrawal…The site says, that weekly payment direct to LTC wallet… clicking on link, i am getting on , where i can see sent amount, but cannot manage them…i dont remember i created ltc wallet before and now downloaded Litecoin core wallet from …what should i do to get satoshis to LTC wallet?

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Hi how did you sent Ltc when you don’t have a wallet?

Even i have the issue. I had created litecoin address and exchanged it with bitcoin. Now I don’t know how to access this ltc.

how do you create the litecoin address ? you can go same place to recover it

Thanks, but problem is, i dont remember where i did it…:rofl: Therefore i would like know is it possible to solve my problem…

At some point, you must have downloaded an application to the likes of litecoin wallet. In this, it sets your payment address. Hopefully, you saved a copy of the “wallet.dat” file somewhere and remembered your encryption (if you encrypted it). If you have an application that references litecoin, simply open it and let it sync.

Can be solved