LTC vs ETH, best rate in years

Hello, guys it’s been a long time!

LTC vs ETH looks like a good trade these days, if you think ETH will comeback to a 0.3ish rate.

What do you think guys?

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I see a lot of value in the Ethereum network and I think the Ethereum foundation seems interesting, crossed paths with them in my day job, I’m long on ETH but haven’t considered it relative to LTC

In the long run, I feel like every time I bought something other than LTC, I just ended up being worse off that just holding 100% LTC, so I also just remind myself of that whenever these thoughts come up, and still I moved some LTC to BTC last month :chart_with_downwards_trend: probably not helpful but I would save myself from myself and stay with LTC to the :full_moon: or bust

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LTC has been growing very well lately, a great buying opportunity.

+44,40% during the last 7 days, it’s a good result! I think it’s better to buy it now :thinking:

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such an increase is very good)))