LTC Transaction stuck Zero confirmations

I sent some coins from Electrum LTC wallet ( to a keepkey wallet. I let the electrum wallet calculate the fee which was 0.00100059 as I have always done.

The transaction has been stuck for hours with zero confirmations, anything I can do?

I’ve used both wallets before without issues, maybe segwit related?

EDIT: So far I have tried recreating the wallet using the seed but transaction still at 0 confirmations

Could you post the transaction ID for us please?

thanks for the reply, panic over. suddenly the transaction went through after 3 hours.

weird, but all ok now

No need to panic for zero confirmation transactions.
The transaction will either end up on the blockchain or it will not.

The worst thing that might happen is that you will have to wait a few days before sending a new transaction.

You will not loose any money.

pay a higher fee and it gets confirmed faster too…lower fee or no fee = slower confirmation times…sometimes months at a time