Ltc to btc wallet gdax to binance

Hi, I seemed to have sent my ltc from gdax to my btc wallet on binance. Can anyone help me please?

I think that gdax has to fix such things. Make a ticket.

I suppose it could bounce back …from your BTC to the LTC on the exchange

others more qualified than myself on here, feel free to jump in and comment

but MAKE A TICKET RIGHT AWAY is my advice on gdax so you have a ‘starting point’ on fixing this

Binance (the receiver) is the only one who can help you on this.

Ask them to credit your balance. They, for sure, will ask you to paid a fee, as this is going to be a manual action on their end. They could even refuse to do it if the total amount of LTC you wrongly sent is not worth the time.

Next time, please verify before sending.