LTC to BTC Conversion for Purchase

Hi Guys,

This may be a redundant question, so my apologies!

I am curious, there are many considerable apps it seems that allow people to pay for goods/services with BTC. I don’t see many like this for LTC.


  1. Is this happening or are there platforms out there already for this?
  2. If not, couldnt an app be create that would use interexchange rates to convert LTC to BTC and send for purchase of goods?

Would this open up LTC into a transactional market, or am I missing it completely?


What you’re describing is the lightning network which will be implemented once segwit activates.

If you find a website letting you buy goods with BTC, but you have only LTC, you can instantly convert them at and pay for them directly, that’s sort of easy way to do it.