LTC testnet and MWEB

To get testnet usable post-MWEB, there seem to be a few things to resolve.

Most of the testnet block explorers are on the longer chain that the non-MWEB miners are driving. This includes and AFAICT only SoChain | Bitcoin API and More is following the MWEB chain with less work on it. Can there be more outreach to the operators of these sites?

In addition to more announcements about getting on the “right” chain, there could be more thorough advice. I’ve seen recommendations of -reindex to do this, but in my experience I’ve had to manually invalidateblock c863de49fba3a52e26758fbd232864110e540ae95c97c6cd55c968d5ccd98a79 and then reindex. Maybe I did something wrong, but it wasn’t as straightforward as I would have expected.

The last thing is that the two electrumx servers that the current Electrum-LTC wallet pick are on the wrong chain. Can the operators of the following be contacted? &


Trying to be as constructive as possible.


Hi, any update for this issue?

The testnet electrum servers are still on the non-mweb chain. They don’t even have to upgrade. They can stay on 0.18 and invalidate a block on the non-mweb chain to force a (massive) reorg.

Or they can upgrade and run with -rpcserialversion=.

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will deleting whole chain help ?

Do we have any update for this one? Looks like testnet server is still on a forked chain?