LTC Price Suppression

Once again, ETH makes an all time high meanwhile LTC isnt even half way to its 2017 all time high…

Why is LTC being suppressed because it should be in price discovery by now. I truly dont understand how this is possible if Grayscale is buying, Paypal is now available in US and alot of merchants using LTC

Does anyone know why is massively underperforming

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Underperforming? Litecoin was USD 40 six months ago. It’s now consolidating at USD 200. That’s a 5x increase in six months. You don’t find increases like that anywhere.

In fact, that growth shocked me. I was expecting Litecoin to appreciate in price more slowly, as I would collect Litecoin over the years as savings.

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Sorry to say, but the litecoin price is under performing, when comparing to the 2017, which I also don’t understand why.

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Betting on BTC against LTC was less risky and more profitable since last halving. Prices got pre-inflated near the halving event and started to drop.

But now things are changing, while LTCUSD trend is linear. LTC is not declining anymore, meaning sellers have not the same power strength to short.

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BTCUSD: If the price remains between 229 and 168 for some more weeks, the volume of trades are going to slow down. Trades are going to be less attractive.

But always remember LTC has been around for so long. Then HODL!

It’s a very consolidated coin, its price will grow, just need to be patient.

Uncertainty about MimbleWimble. Once it is enabled, all clear, people will buy again.

reading this discussion almost a year later is still very relevant because the uncertainty is still present. it looks like the LTC has lost between 37 to 40% of its value yet it has the potential to grow exponentially. i agree that we just need to be patient.


Some secret sauce has over a million gold coins dont trust em.

Remind me again which crypto in the top 100 list has the longest network uptime?