LTC not showing up in wallet

So back in July i bought a small amount of LTC - had 1.16 in my wallet in Bittrex. Sent it to my wallet on my computer (installed the LTC wallet on June 17th) - transfer successfully showed up in my wallet, so i backed it up. Now give it a couple months, totally forgot i had it, open my saved wallet file (date modified says july 5th - so its the right file - thats the date i got the coins on my pc wallet and backed up the file) and there is nothing there.
do a quick search of the wallet addy and transaction id - and its showing the 1.16 coins sitting in that wallet addy still - however i dont know how to access them…
can anyone help?

whats your address?

do you restore your backup?

the addy is LehBiYGJWmdunwc8VvadEDxkPSzPv4NZTA - shows coins still there. i have the TxId as well from when it was sent.

not sure what you mean restore the backup.
i only have one wallet.dat on my computer and it was the saved backup wallet from when after the coins were confirmed on my pc. but that addy nor the coins are in it
i also tried -rescan and still nothing

where is your wallet.dat?

in a litecoin folder on my desktop
i double clicked that file itself and it loaded the client and synced the wallet.

ok, do this for me.

close the wallet Litecoin Core Wallet software… them start.
1- press Windows Key
2- type this (no quote) "%appdata%"
3- look for litecoin folder, open it.
4- in this folder you should find a wallet.dat file, change the name to something else.
5- copy your backup wallet.dat to this folder… make sure it is named “wallet.dat” (no quotes)
6- open the litecoin core wallet software.

good luck

you sir, are my hero!! it worked!! i had no idea about the appdata folder. thank you so much. i been trying for weeks to try and figure out how to recover this coin. i know its only one coin, but still. thanks again

glad to know!

enjoy your coins, secure them!