LTC Native or Compatibility

I just upgraded my cold wallet and it is now displaying a new Litecoin address.
Now I have a Native Segwit Pubkey Hash (P2WPKH) address.
Is it preferred to use this one over the Compatibility Segwit (P2SH/P2WPKH) address that I was previously using?
I am just wondering if I send it to someone using the Native format if they will accept it or would it get lost.
Any advise would be appreciated.

the private key is the same for both addresses…
I personally recommend that if you have sent coins previously with any address…
don’t reuse the address to receive coins to

the address you receive to is the only one that is valid on the blockchain so the only way that you can use the private key to spend the coins in the future is make sure to use a segwit enabled wallet…
it is cheaper to spend using segwit as well rather than some from legacy and some from segwit…
Im not too sure if you can do a single transaction using multiple inputs from both legacy and segwit or not or if all inputs have to be from legacy or both form segwit…otherwise you might have to do 2 seperate transactions to spend the coins behind the single private key if you received coins to the legacy and segwit addresses
It is recommended to use segwit addresses now as it reduces the block size and allows for more transactions to be included in a block.
I personally see less time waiting on a confirmation spending a segwit output than I do spending a legacy output…when I assign 0.001 LTC per byte which is the lowest amount I can set with the core wallet…

Just to clarify I now have 3 addresses in my wallet.

  1. a Native Segwit Pubkey Hash (P2WPKH) address.
  2. a Compatibility Segwit (P2SH/P2WPKH) address
  3. a legacy address. (P2PKH)

I have been using the second type address and wondering about using the first.

yes…“L” address, “M” address and a “3” address all with the same private/public key pair