LTC mining pool

Does anyone has instructions on how to create a LTC mining pool, I would like to create one.

You could contact one of the litecoin pools and ask if you could pay them to give you instructions on how to do it. You would need to spend quite a bit of money for servers and probably expensive software, high bandwidth internet fiber optics, etc. It would be very difficult to do, lots of advertising and pools operate on a very slim profit so it would be hard to cover your overhead. Without lots of hashpower starting out you would rarely find blocks to be able to have regular payouts for your clients.


I note the original post is dated but thought I would respond for others having the same question.

Firstly, its one of those “if you have to ask how to, you are not ready” type questions. While specific questions to fill in knowledge gaps are great, the above is very generalised. It sounds like you want assistance from start to finish.

It also raises the question - what do you intend to offer to differentiate yourself? Is it something miners actually want?

The skills required also cover multiple areas - server admin (I would expect Linux), blockchain/mining expertise, and web/UI design as a minimum. Its a multi-person effort.

Last of all, as @MICHAEL_LTC_Miner said, there are already a bunch of large pools operating which have the necessary numbers. If I had hash power (Personally I buy all my crypto) I would go with them because the chances of getting a payback are far greater.


Or you can easily write to there support unit for assistance

And if the peoples have more reason for own pool?

Back to decentralization :slight_smile:
Interesting (but not extreme big) HashRate (20-50 GHs) from group of 15 miners.
We dont want pay to BIG companies, which destroying crypto and steal much of “miners” profits… like … all you know!
More reason… but

… you answer: “Its complicate and you have bad question” is non useful too :slight_smile:

Let’s say I’m able to provide maintenance but not pool construction. I have some money, some HR, some time and some xperiencies…

I dont need perfect User interface - something like Litecoinpool is sufficient.
I would like to Scrypt merged mining! If the pool will know multiscrypt mining, it will be great, but it is not necessary.
I need to setup some useful payment key. PPS/PROP/PPLNS …
Autoexchange “merged coins” to main coin will be useful, but it is not necessary.
I would like to have system for cca 15 miners +/-, “semiprivate”.

Thats all.
I have real/VR server … cca 40 USD / months … seems useful to it accrding to my research.
How much “set up and start this mining pool” will cost? 100 USD? 2000 USD? 100000 USD? 20M USD? Thats the primary question!
How many hours a month maintenance can require? 5? 500?

Thanks for answer :slight_smile:

The miners did not make money on the gold rush in USA, but equipment dealers yes!
Sorry for my bad english :wink:

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Check out’s P2Pool node for an example of what you can do with 5 servers and lots of custom code. We are merge mining LTC/DOGE.

We’re running a global traffic manager and load balancer, 2 Nginx servers on the West and East coast of the US, 2 dedicated Litecoin and Dogecoin servers, and 1 P2Pool server all running Ubuntu.

The custom GUI is written in client-side Javascript.

We’re merge mining at over 200GH/s with this setup.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Now almost at 300GH/s. We just crushed two merge-mined blocks (LTC + DOGE), and a single Doge block in a single day! Thanks, @Azskygod for running this p2pool node. Made mining fun again, and more profitable.

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